Reviewable changes
Reviewable changes

Disposition handling changes




We originally launched the discussion disposition system some four years ago, and while it's held up pretty well we've also learned a thing or two in the interim. Today, we made a number of changes to make things run more smoothly, and not all of them are backwards compatible.

First, your default disposition when creating a new discussion as the PR author will be set to ⭘ Discussing rather than ⛔︎ Blocking. While the latter was consistent with the default disposition for reviewer-initiated discussions, it was almost never the right choice for author-initiated ones and many authors ended up unnecessarily blocking their own reviews. You can still override the defaults for any of these situations, of course.

Next, we're making some changes to disposition keywords, which let you change your disposition based on a comment's first word. FYI will now always select 🛈 Informing, and BTW always select ⭘ Discussing, whereas before their effect was context-dependent. We're also removing OK, as in practice it tends to be used to start all kinds of messages, not just approving ones.

⚠️ If you have a draft comment started with an older version of Reviewable, and you edit it with the new one, your disposition will be reset to follow the new rules — even if you didn't edit the keyword itself. ⚠️ To help you notice this we added a small flashing effect when a keyword disposition takes effect.

Finally, if you don't want to use disposition keywords at all, you can now disable them in your disposition settings panel, accessible via a small gear icon in the top-right corner of any disposition dropdown: image.png

We hope these changes make your reviewing experience more pleasant! 🏖️🏝️